Love and Romance for a Student: Is This Really Beneficial?

Whenever I tell my Christian peers of my story about love and relationship, their usual comment was, “But that’s during our generation’s culture, not the Millenials time.” I don’t think it’s about the “culture” that we followed but the biblical values and principle regarding holiness and purity. Did purity and holiness change from one generation to another? Are the generations of today able to resist temptation than our generation? One may think that this is more of a personal conviction rather than biblical teaching but it’s not.

Anybody can enter in a relationship at a certain age when their emotion prompts them. However, King Solomon reminds everyone to “not awaken love or arouse love before its proper time!” (Songs 8:4) At the same time, the Scripture tells us “everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial” (1 Cor. 10:23) which also includes our decision to enter a relationship. The following questions will help guide before we enter into a serious and committed romantic relationship as a student.

  1. Do you see that person as your future spouse?
  2. If you want to know that person well then do you think years of friendship will help without involving yourselves in any relationship?
  3. How do you know that in your years of relationship you will not fall into sexual immorality that could lead to petting, fornication, or early pregnancy?
  4. Are you more into playing and satisfying your emotion rather than commitment towards marriage?
  5. Will God and your parents be honored if you involved yourselves in this relationship?
  6. Are you already prepared emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually?
  7. If you have already established a good foundation of friendship during your student years then can you shorten the time of relationship in preparation for marriage now that you are both professionals to avoid possible temptation?
  8. If you are not yet ready then why enter into an early relationship?
  9. Will it be okay for you to serve God first even as a student while waiting for the right time?

I hope you will seriously consider answering these questions above. Many young people would probably argue that they just need “inspiration” in their studies. But I think this is more of an “excuse” rather than a valid reason. You are not studying primarily because of that person rather for your future and how the Lord can use you to be an instrument of blessing your family, your generation, your church, and your nation someday.

I don’t want to sound legalistic but if you can withstand the enemy’s temptation even in years of lengthy relationship as a single couple then you have the prerogative. However, the fact is many young people continue to fall into sexual immorality because of early and prolonged relationships. There is even a greater percentage of single-professionals who are in a relationship that could not sexually control themselves. Remember, you have the chance to influence your generation in a godly way. Why don’t you wait for God’s perfect timing? It is my hope and prayer that your generation will see you as a parent someday whose life is centered on Christ when you were still single even in the aspect of love and romance. It’s true, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

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