Witnessing To A Jehovah’s Witness Using John 1:1

There are many believers who have a hard time sharing the truth with Jehovah’s Witnesses because they do not know where to begin. The conversation below has help me challenge the Jehovah’s Witnesses to use their God-given mind to think using the first passage in the Book of John.

Christian: I’m challenged by the way you share your faith by going door-to-door.

JW: Yes. We do this because we want to make known Jehovah to everyone.

Christian: I notice that you have a Bible with you? What version are you holding?

JW: Well, it’s a New World Translation. This is the most accurate translation of the Bible we have today.

Christian: Really? I am not aware of it until the time you told me. Do you have a King James Version with you?

JW: Yes. Why?

Christian: Can you please flip it to John 1:1?

JW: Wait. Let me check if I brought it with me. Oh, here it is.

Christian: Good. Can you read it for me please?

JW: Sure: It says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Christian: Now, compare that passage with John 1:1 of New World Translation. Can you read it also?

JW:  It states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.”

Christian: Did you notice the difference?

JW: No. I did not. It’s basically the same for me.

Christian: Here let me help you. Did you notice the words “the Word was a god” in the New World Translation?

JW: Yes. What about it?

Christian: Now, did you notice “the Word was God” in the King James Version?

JW: Oh, I did not notice that before.

Christian: May I ask you some questions?

JW: Sure. That’s why I am here.

Christian: Is the “god” (with small “g”) a true god or a false god?

JW: He’s a Mighty God!

Christian: That is not what I am asking. I said,  “Is the ‘god’ (with small “g”) a true god or a false god?

JW: As I’ve told you earlier, he is a “mighty God.”

Christian: Again, that’s is not my question.

JW: I better leave now because we need to go to another house.

Christian: Okay. But just in case you may want to talk I will be here waiting for you. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you!

Note: A Jehovah’s Witness will never answer that question directly because to do so is to either have “two true gods” or to label the Word (Jesus) as a “false god” which will contradict their long held teachings. Now, what we are doing is to plant a seed of doubt to the point of cognitive dissonance (knowledge contradiction). As he/she walks away, the Holy Spirit will surely convict him/her of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

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