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Bible Misinterpretation Can Be Lethal

August 24, 2021
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Bible Misinterpretation Can Be Lethal

What effect does incorrect Bible interpretation have on your day-to-day life? I recall a parent who refused medical help for their child because they do not believe in blood transfusions due to a misunderstanding of the Old Testament. Remember that incorrect doctrine will lead to incorrect thinking, which will have an impact on our lives or the lives of others. The following are some unbiblical interpretations of the following verses that have a significant impact on how you live, potentially jeopardizing your life.

1. Solomon’s numerous concubines and wives led many to believe that polygamy was acceptable, resulting in the dissolution of countless marriages. (1 Ki. 11:3)

2. Many people were led to believe that blood transfusion is wicked after reading the apostles’ epistle to the Gentiles in Acts. As a result, many lives were lost. (Acts 15:20)

3. Many church members have followed their leaders’ directives to the point of blind obedience because of the statement “do not touch God’s anointed.”(Psa. 105:15)

4. Some religious groups have interpreted the term “having all things in common” to mean that it’s acceptable to be intimate with people other than their spouse. (Acts 2:44)

5. Some religious group members have given up their ability to select for themselves in favor of entrusting the decision to their leaders due to “unity of mind.” (1 Pet. 3:8)

6. Many religious adherents have calculated the day of Jesus’ second coming by giving up their own houses, quitting their jobs, and ceasing to study, based on the expression “one day is like a thousand years.” (2 Pet. 3:8)

7. Many believers shunned medicine due to a misunderstanding of “whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you,” leading to sickness and death. (Jn. 16:23)

8. Numerous people have shunned the works of many biblical academics because of a misunderstanding of Jesus’ explanation regarding the Holy Spirit being the Teacher, therefore passing on false doctrines. (Jn. 14:26)

9. Many religious people have mistakenly interpreted not conforming to the ways of the world, causing them to physically separate themselves from progressive cities, believing they are worldly and thus failing to provide their children with the proper education they require. (Rom. 12:2)

10. Many people have been misled by a misunderstanding of prophecy, believing that vaccines are associated with the mark of the beast, causing sickness and, in the worst-case scenario, death. (Rev. 13:17)

Worse, many of them would claim that they did it for God’s sake. How many more lives will be impacted as a result of this misunderstanding of the Bible? Let us put a stop to this spirit of deception and begin accurately dividing the word of truth. One day, these people who claim to understand the language and theology of the Bible will give an account to God for the numerous lives they have affected. It’s no surprise that James cautioned the believers,

Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness. James 3:1

It is right to teach the basic gospel and basic Christian living because we are commanded to disciple the lost. It’s quite another to teach major Christian doctrines, which necessitates the assistance and help of spiritually gifted Christian scholars and theologians.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. – 2 Timothy 2:15

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